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(1) DHARMA is not antithetical to VIKAS.
(2) In NOTA lies a message.
(3) In VOTE-PRODUCTIVITY lies a story.
(4) In the agrarian crisis lies a WARNING.

Those who don’t want to see it, will anyway not see it. For those to whom culture is not important will dismiss it. For those who have hitched themselves to the juggernaut this is RW balderdash.

Sometimes bitter medicine helps clarify thinking. Halahala can turn the skin blue but it is that which makes Neelakanta the great power that he is…

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YATHA RAJA TATHA PRAJA (यथा राजा तथा प्रजा)

Even the fig leaf that covered the Emperor’s nakedness has been blown away and it does not make for pleasant viewing.

When an image speaks better than a 1000 words and so on, but say a few words I must…

Those who have pawned their souls to the juggernaut will come up with a story to defend this too. They have to for their survival depends on satiating the feeding frenzy of those who own them now. When defense becomes impossible in the face of irrefutable evidence they will go on the offensive, against those who call this shamelessness out – Extreme-Right, Fringe and so on…

Not doing anything for the Hindus was level-1, Siding with those who aim to break the Dharma is level-2, and openly supporting their twisted agenda (like here) is obviously level-3.

Depression is a mild word to capture the darkness that engulfs us. We will need an Avatara no less if we need to be pulled out of this morass.

We have before us two options – (1) A John Galtish walkout but are we Atlas that we may shrug? (2) Go back to our individual lives and eke it out, for the Dharmic fight is almost lost…

Acharya Vikas Massey wants to share his Good News folks and all of you are welcome

YATHA RAJA TATHA PRAJA (यथा राजा तथा प्रजा)

Ashish shelar

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The gloves are well and truly off. This can’t go on. This expectation that the Hindu and the Hindu alone shall fold his body in half and bend over to have his backside flayed or rise up on her hind limbs and stretch her paws out in abject submission, begging that she and her legacy be treated kindly.

Why should I care about the FOE of SLB or anyone of their ilk when I know that not a single one from that ilk will stand up for me or stand with me when I call out someone from the cult of the Abrahamics?

As if the innumerable police cases were not enough here is someone who is having to deal with abuse and threats not only to himself but also to his family.

So when the leader of the Karni Sena says that Javed Akhtar is persona non grata in Rajasthan and if he so much as dares to step into Rajasthan he would be thrashed on the street, I support him.

Flatten the application of FOE, make it a level playing field and then we shall talk. Till such time FOE needs to be trampled into the dust.


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The Chaiwala can sell more than just Chai

Make no mistake. This is an epochal moment in India’s foreign policy thrust. The External Affairs Ministry under Sushma and with PM Modi directly overseeing it is by far the most successful ministry in this cabinet.

For THE (anti) HINDU to be so effusive in its praise of this achievement means that this was a coup no one thought India would be able to pull off.

Consider the following:

1) First time in 7 decades of the UN that the UK will not be represented in the ICJ

2) First time that 1 of the 5 permanent members of the UNSC lost out to an “ordinary” member

3) First time that a sitting ICJ member lost out to another sitting ICJ member

4) UK held on till the last moment and gave up when it became clear that their position would become untenable, with more than 2/3rds of member countries voting against the UK

5) It was an unprecedented diplomatic outreach led by the PM, Swaraj, the FS Jaishankar, and India’s permanent representative to the UN Syed Akbaruddin

The Chaiwala can actually do more than just sell Chai





Many years ago, I used to work as a Product/Brand Manager with one of the top Nutritional companies in India. I handled their “Nutraceutical” portfolio – “condition-specific” nutritional supplements, that included products for people with compromised liver function, people recovering from TB or those with COPD, people with Diabetes and so on.

This company decided to expand their footprint into the area of “Sports Nutrition.” By that time I had quit the company but was still invited to attend the launch function of this SBU. The chief guest for the event was a Guru who has become very active in the Ayodhya dispute, meeting with stakeholders from both sides in an attempt at an out-of-court settlement.

This Guru was invited to speak on the occasion and he (of his own volition) chose to speak on the scientific importance of Nutrition, proteins etc. His speech was wholly unscientific and peppered with claims that were downright laughable and that is putting it mildly. I wondered for a long time after that why this Guru chose to talk on a subject that he had no clue about rather than focusing on his core competence.

A few years later I had my second run-in with the said Guru when I was working as a Brand Consultant for one of the oldest Ayurvedic companies in India. In fact it was an anecdote that the MD of this company shared with me about this Guru which I can unfortunately not reveal here but suffice to say that it made me very uncomfortable again.

Now this – see images below – The one on Tippu is bad enough and smacks of a poor understanding of History and a desire to pander to a section of the society. The other one which equates the great spiritual significance of the Sasta-rupa, Hari-Hara Putra, Ayyappan with Homosexuality is totally unacceptable. It is one thing to argue that Homosexuality should be decriminalized but how can someone who enjoys such a following say something like this?

Does he really not know the symbolic significance of Hari-Hara? That this is a symbolic representation of the fact that the para-brahman the underlying principle is one, that Vishnu and Shiva are but forms of the same Brahman. Also, this rupa was specifically consecrated to reconcile the differences that had sprung up between the Saivites and the Vaishnavites. “Sivasya hridayam Vishnur-Vishnoscha hridayam Sivah“Sasta” is also “Dharma-Sasta” the protector of the “Dharma” who came into being for the twin purposes of killing the demoness Mahishi who had received a boon from Brahma that she could not be killed by Shiva or Vishnu, and to re-establish the Hindu Dharma that had degenerated in Bharata varsha.

I usually don’t say anything about Gurus but this had to be said.

Sri-sri-AyappaSri sri-tippu

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Talk about a bad start to the day 😡. I see this  full-page ad in “THE (anti) HINDU” where Karnataka CM Siddu wants to “…SEE THE FUTURE THAT TIPPU SAW…”. I thought I should help him out with a quick listing of how that future would have been if “Hazrat Tippu Sultan” and his successors had ruled over Karnataka any longer:


  1. People outraging against GST would have been silently and submissively paying DST (Dhimmi Survival Tax)
  2. Hindu and Christian men would have been castrated, converted and a few sturdy men would have been included into the Sultan’s slave army
  3. Mysuru would still be called Nazarbad
  4. Hindu and Christian women would have been fair game – raped, ravaged, many handed over as trophies to Tippu’s soldiers. A select few inducted into the Sultan’s harem.
  5. His harem would have grown from 335 (the number of women who were released when the tyrant was killed) to 3,350.
  6. Brahmins would have been given special privileges – their “Cudumi’s/Shika’s) cut and then all of them castrated and converted
  7. Mysuru Sanskrit college and Manasagangotri University would have been razed to the ground.
  8. Urdu would have replaced Kannada completely and those seen conversing in Kannada would have been killed on the spot.
  9. Temple Gopurams would have been replaced by Spires and the idols broken and used to construct steps leading up to public toilets so that they could be stomped on by all and sundry.
  10. All these people celebrating/participating in this program would not have had even nominal Hindu names.

I wrote this too on the benevolence of the great Tippu Sultan:
Tipu Sultan was a Compassionate Man. Don’t believe us? Read


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Image result for Bengal killings partition

A good friend (who I have great respect for) wrote on the blood-lust that was on display the last few days on the lanes of SM, the need for introspection, and to practice the Gandhian philosophy of Ahimsa. He is right to the extent that some of it was over-the-top and bordered on the maniacal and there is indeed need for introspection on both sides. Here, I am however focusing on this oft quoted “अहिंसा परमो धर्मः” and Gandhi’s endorsement of it.

Contextually, it has to be looked at as:

अहिंसा परमो धर्मः धर्म हिंसा तथीव च

How I understand this is as follows: I will on my own volition cause no living being harm but it does not in anyway prevent me from using Himsa to protect myself, my family, and my dharma when faced with annihilation – This is in fact THE DHARMA.

And, Ahimsa is not just the act, it is also Vaak, Manas, Tvak, Chakshu, Jihva (Speech, Mind, Skin, Eye/Sight, Tongue) and so on…By this criteria, practitioners of Ahimsa should not be indulging in abuse of the verbal kind as well and if they do that then they cannot take refuge under the umbrella of Ahimsa.

And, what is the practicality of ahimsa? The true test of Ahimsa is if you can apply it when you or your near and dear ones are personally in danger. When a crazed Jihadi is smashing heads and bones with a Van as his WMD will you practice ahimsa?

When Suhrawardy unleashed his hordes on the Hindus of Bengal killing, raping, maiming and butchering men, women, and children the Hindus of Bihar and Punjab indulged in retaliatory killing of Muslims – What did Gandhi do? He went on a fast asking that Hindus stop Himsa and told the Hindus to die cheerfully at the hands of their “Muslim brothers” HIS AHIMSA WAS A CLOAK FOR HIS COWARDICE.

When the asura hordes disturbed the yajnas and threw flesh and blood into the sacrificial fire did not the Rishis ask Rama to kill the Asuras? When Shisupala indulged in unprovoked verbal Himsa did not Krishna sever his head after he crossed the line for the 100th time?

Where would we have been if Dharmic rulers like Shivaji had not stood up for the protection of our Dharma?

Himsa that leads to the destruction of a Dharma and the practitioners of that Dharma cannot be confronted with Ahimsa. And if in the face of Himsa, the practitioners of that Dharma sit and watch in the name of Ahimsa then there is nothing more adharmic than that.

Didn’t the Lord himself say:

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत । 
अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ॥४-७॥

परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् । 
धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥४-८॥

Photo Credit: Available at: http://www.oldindianphotos.in/2011/01/calcutta-communal-riot-or-great.html. Last accessed: Sept 8, 2017.