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It is that time of the year and the boot is on the other foot. Here is a fully crowd-sourced listing of virtuous don’ts for the festive season:

(1) Don’t cut down trees to decorate your homes. Save trees; save lives

(2) Save electricity – Don’t light up your homes this festive season. Better still, celebrate earth-hour every hour

(3) Don’t dress-up your kids like buffoons, instead spend the money on buying clothes for the poor and needy

(4) Don’t burn candles – It can cause global warming and noxious fumes from commercial wax can cause asthma particularly bad for your four-legged pets

(4) Don’t hang those paper stars with lights in them in front of your homes – think of the number of trees that were felled to make those paper-stars and think of lighting up other homes instead of useless paper-stars

(5) Don’t eat cakes – it can make you hairy and fat and increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes

(6) Choose egg-less cakes (i.e. if you must) to save some chicks and choose Tofu over meat

(7) Save water – Drink raw, don’t mix with water

(8) Don’t burst firecrackers on New Year’s eve – it’s the environment you know…

(9) Stick to your DPs and don’t change into red-headed clowns.




  1. Fantastic👍 ,hope the supreem court passes a law not to cut Christmas trees and not to cut animals for meat , in this festival and also not to burst crackers.


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