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Talk about a bad start to the day 😡. I see this  full-page ad in “THE (anti) HINDU” where Karnataka CM Siddu wants to “…SEE THE FUTURE THAT TIPPU SAW…”. I thought I should help him out with a quick listing of how that future would have been if “Hazrat Tippu Sultan” and his successors had ruled over Karnataka any longer:


  1. People outraging against GST would have been silently and submissively paying DST (Dhimmi Survival Tax)
  2. Hindu and Christian men would have been castrated, converted and a few sturdy men would have been included into the Sultan’s slave army
  3. Mysuru would still be called Nazarbad
  4. Hindu and Christian women would have been fair game – raped, ravaged, many handed over as trophies to Tippu’s soldiers. A select few inducted into the Sultan’s harem.
  5. His harem would have grown from 335 (the number of women who were released when the tyrant was killed) to 3,350.
  6. Brahmins would have been given special privileges – their “Cudumi’s/Shika’s) cut and then all of them castrated and converted
  7. Mysuru Sanskrit college and Manasagangotri University would have been razed to the ground.
  8. Urdu would have replaced Kannada completely and those seen conversing in Kannada would have been killed on the spot.
  9. Temple Gopurams would have been replaced by Spires and the idols broken and used to construct steps leading up to public toilets so that they could be stomped on by all and sundry.
  10. All these people celebrating/participating in this program would not have had even nominal Hindu names.

I wrote this too on the benevolence of the great Tippu Sultan:
Tipu Sultan was a Compassionate Man. Don’t believe us? Read



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