Now is as good a time as any to start

Saw this Nerium Oleander (Arali, Kanagalu, Karaveera, Kaner) plant all abloom in our garden and was reminded of this:

माली आवत देख के, कलियन करे पुकारि।
फूले फूले चुनि लिये, कालि हमारी बारि॥

Seeing the gardener approach, the buds spoke to one another: “Today he shall pluck the flowers that are abloom, tomorrow it shall be our turn” (Kabir)

Once during a Satsang with Sri M he responded to a young man who said that he was making the necessary preparations to start Sadhana and would start in a few months…

“What is the guarantee that you shall be able to start your sadhana in a few month’s time? No one is sure of when his time will be up. Now is as good a time as any to start…”



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