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Starting today (Prathama Tithi), October 20, 2017 and leading up to the day of Sura Samharam on Shashti is dedicated to Skanda Shakthi. The Skanda Rupa personified as the Skanda-Shakthi in the beautiful swaroopa of Shanmukha or Subrahmanya or Muruga, Karthikeya, or Kumara, is the personification of the total Yoga-shakti and Sadhana Shakti of the world.

Born out of the explosive Tejas of Shiva’s Ajna Chakra, (his Tejas having been built up over several years of deep meditation), Shanmukha is the Agni swarupa, the Jnana Jyothi.

The sparks from the Ajna Chakra flew through the cosmos and even the divine messengers Vayu and Agni who decided to carry him could not hold the Tejas and they dropped it into the Ganga. Even she could not bear the divine energy impregnated as it was with the Divya Tejas of Shiva and the Shakti of Parvati.

Ganga in order to save herself, shoved the divine energy onto the banks of the river, upon a shrub of reeds in a pool of water called the “Saravana Poigai” The divine shakti congealed into six aspects each lying on a lotus bloom. The Universal mother Parvati picked up the six aspects and that energy transformed into the aspect of Shanmukha in the hands of the Universal mother.

Symbolically, Shanmukha and his six faces represent the attainment of “Aparoksha Anubhuti” attained through the process of “Shat-Chakra-Bheda”. This is why Skanda is the destroyer of Ajnana, a concentration of supreme shakti like none other.

On the human plane, the Guru is the representative of the Skanda Shakti, because just like Shanmukha the Guru is our Senapati (commander) who leads us in the battle against our inner demons. Just as the Vel of Shanmukha destroyed the demon Surapadman, so also the Guru’s Vel tears asunder the veil of Maya and gives us a glimpse of the Divine.

Let the Shakti of Shanmukha permeate the collective consciousness of all Hindus. I also take this opportunity to pay my respects to all the Gurus who have guided me through my life.

“ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विद्महे महासेनया धीमहि !
तन्नः शंमुखा प्रचोदयात !”

“Om Tatpurushaya Vidhmahe Maha Senaya Dhimahi !
Tannah Shanmukha Prachodayat !


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