Hamid Ansari – The Islamist VP who caused irreparable damage to the "idea of India"

Hamid Ansari was a disgrace to the high office of VP-India. During his 10-year tenure he did irreparable damage to the idea of India (be it that of the left, right, or center). He has consistently shown that he represented only the Muslims of India and NOT ALL INDIANS. His speeches and utterances while couched in the Queen’s English have consistently looked to push a Muslim agenda. People have focused on his recent interview where he talked about fear and alienation. But this is nothing new. He has consistently pushed a dangerous and divisive agenda even while occupying the second highest constitutional post in India. Instead I am going to focus on three instances where Hamid Ansari bared his fangs and showed us who he really is.

  1. While speaking at the 50th anniversary of the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (AIMMM), he said “affirmative action” is a “prerequisite” for Muslims’ progress – essentially demanding for quotas for all Muslims within the state of India – that is not a VP speaking, that is a representative of a religious group speaking.
  2. He once observed “The ‘way of life’ argument, used in philosophical texts and some judicial pronouncements, does not help… identify common principles of equity in a multi-religious society…. For this purpose, principles of faith need to be segregated from contours of culture since a conflation of the two obfuscates the boundaries of both.” Now, Hinduism is the only religion that has been classified as a “Way of life” by the courts, so he is clearly targeting the Hindu religion and suggesting or demanding that the “Culture” of India which is intertwined with the Hindu religion be separated from the State – So what culture does he want for India? The principle has always been that all Indians share a syncretic and common culture and Indian muslims are part of this milieu – Clearly Hamid Ansari doesn’t see it like this. When we look at the third point below, his agenda will become clearer.
  3. In demanding that India become a part of the OIC, Hamid Ansari observed “India deserves to be an OIC member, not just an observer, because though India is not a part of the Muslim world, “it is not away from it; not a Muslim majority state in statistical terms yet host to the second largest community of Muslims in the world; not a society focussed on Muslim welfare only but one in which Muslims, as an integral part of a larger whole, get the attention that every other section does.” – See how carefully he chooses his words while making it clear that the Muslims of India are part of the larger Islamic world – not surprising given his family’s connections with the Khilafat movement.

The country should heave a collective sigh of relief that a fundamentalist like Ansari has finally completed his term. Good riddance…


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