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Why the Hindu must fight alone

My twitter thread (@rameshvenkatramreproduced below  where I point out why the Hindu has to fight on his/her own. The Abrahamic religions particularly Christianity and Islam are basically monotheistic (although Christianity does accept the concept of the “Trinity” – which is but a representation of the “ONE GOD OF THEIR FAITH”


  1. Abrahamic religions – Christianity and Islam are based on a substratum of “NEGATION” and “REJECTION” – NEGATION AND REJECTION OF THE “OTHER”
  2. This “Othering” involves rejecting & negating everything he/she holds dear – Culture, Tradition, Customs, Beliefs, Values, Gods, Goddesses…
  3. When a Hindu converts, he/she is expected to uproot himself/herself from his/her previous value system
  4. Each person is a “Sinner” or a submissive servant who submits to the will of one god/one prophet
  5. Salvation comes only from submitting to the one god, or his son, or his prophet and from none other
  6. Not submitting, not accepting, the one God, the one prophet dooms you to eternal hell
  7. The heathen who pray to “False Gods” must be brought into the fold of the one true religion by any means
  8. Each Christian is therefore a “fisher of men” and for each Muslim conversion of the infidel is “obligatory”
  9. The Hindu concept however is that there can’t be any negation/rejection – how can there be when everything is divine?
  10. The Hindu believes the various forms are but manifestations of the one supreme principle that pervades, invades and resides everything
  11. The Hindu believes no one is a sinner & each person is potentially divine and can realize this divinity within
  12. As Vivekananda said “The Hindu believes all religions to be true” and “all paths lead to the same goal”
  13. This is the principal of the Universality of the concept of God special to the Hindu faith
  14. It is this very principle of acceptance and tolerance that is being used against the Hindu
  15. The Hindu is being told that his own seers & saints accepted Jesus as the true god by putting words into their mouths. See image below:
  16. Hindu-versu-Abrahamic-4
  17. The Hindu is attacked by the Evangelical Christianity on one hand and by radical Islam on the other
  18. Don’t ever think the the Christian who fights a Muslim and a Muslim who fights the Christian will ever stand for you. They are united in their hate for the “Hindu”
  19. The only way out is that of the Kshatriya – Hindu assertiveness that is still fledgling but needs to be strengthened & consolidated
  20. When it comes to the Hindu, the christian and the Muslim are united in their hate for the “common enemy”
  21. The proof of their hate is to be seen in India – how they get together and spew venom on the Hindus and the present “Hindu” government of the day.
  22. Much like the earlier religious wars, evangelism, conversion, and Love Jihad are wars too – modern warfare to convert & dominate the “heathen”
  23. Secularism as practiced in India is another that privileges the minority & punishes the majority (Hindus)



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