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Madhu Kishwar, JNU and the hypocrisy of the leftist cabal

The uproar that followed the appointment of Professor Madhu Kishwar to the Academic Council (AC) of JNU to represent the School of Arts & Aesthetics (SAA) by JNU VC Mr. M. Jagdeesh Kumar is another indication of the desperation and the nervousness amongst the Left Cabal who have for long lived as frogs in their own little well feeding on the detritus growing within and oblivious of the tectonic changes taking place without.

This AC on last count had 135 members. It is not as if Madhu Kishwar would be the only member or has been conferred with extraordinary powers – then why this outrage and chest beating? It has to do with the perceived erosion in Leftist privileges for long taken as granted with no questions asked.

The tweet below by film critic Anna Vetticad summed up in 140 characters the vitriol, bigotry, hate, anger, and malice that drives the left cabal and fuels their ideology. This was not a nomination to become President of India or a Bharat Ratna. This was a mere appointment to the Academic Council of a University that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Madhu kishwar

As R. Jagannathan writing in Swarajya pointed out, the appointment of Madhu Kishwar was a veritable red rag waved in front of a raging bull.

Edward Armstead the protagonist in Alistair Maclean’s thriller “The Almighty” throws all ethical considerations to the winds and starts “manufacturing” his own “exclusive” news and views. The leftist junta that still controls much of today’s MSM in India is doing an “Armstead” on reportage by manufacturing outrage and whipping passions in a desperate attempt to prevent the inexorable march of the centrist and right-liberal viewpoint – a correction that was long overdue but definitely happening now.

The Dean of JNU, Bishnupriya Dutt, a dyed-in-the-wool leftist even arrogantly claimed that Madhu Kishwar had nothing to do with the arts and that she was bewildered and confused at this appointment, conveniently forgetting that Kishwar is not only a former alumnus of JNU but also a well-known author, journalist, a maker of more than 20 documentaries and is presently working on a book dealing with “traditional art performances”.

One wonders if Ms. Dutt was as bewildered and confused when the JNU campus rang with the slogans of “Bharat ki barbadi… Bharat Tere Tukde Honge, Insha Allah…” or was that par for the course?

Additionally the headlines across most newspapers and magazines that subscribe to this fast fading leftist ideology was a study in comedy as they tried to outdo one another in coming up with headlines that barely masked their inherent bias under the guise of “balanced reportage”

The Indian Express went to town with “Madhu Kishwar named to JNU council as School of Arts expert, Dean objects”. Huffington Post tried to be subtle with “Madhu Kishwar has been nominated to JNU council as school of arts expert, but not everyone’s happy” The Financial Express came up with “Madhu Kishwar named to JNU Council, row breaks out over her status as an ‘expert’ The Scroll outdid everyone with this blatantly rude and insulting “JNU faculty ‘confused’ by pro-Modi scholar Madhu Kishwar’s appointment to Academic Council

Madhu Kishwar though had the last laugh as she observed tongue-in-cheek that she couldn’t fathom what all the fuss was about and that she had not been appointed as ISRO chief or Finance Minister in which case she would have voluntarily declared herself incompetent! She also went on to say that the “leftist gangs” treat all institutions – public or private as their personal and exclusive fiefdoms.

When she went to attend the first meeting of the AC she was heckled and taunted with slogans of “murdabad” and “Hai! Hai!” A few shouted that Madhu Kishwar was appointed by the Modi government with the intention of destroying JNU! Frankly, the leftist cabals at JNU and “students in perpetuity” like Kanhaiya Kumar, Shehla Rashid, and Umar Khalid have already done enough and more to destroy JNU and you don’t need anyone else.

The most important takeaway from the appointment of Madhu Kishwar to the Academic Council of JNU and this fabricated outrage is that the cat has definitely been set amongst the pigeons.

Madhu Kishwar is not only an intellectual but she is also someone who has been a fearless critic of left bigotry. We are in for some interesting times

A version of this article first appeared in Rightlog.in on May 14, 2017 under the title: “With the nomination of a leading Right Wing academic to JNU council, The Clampdown on JNU has begun”.


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