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A Keralite pastor and his obnoxious statements against women

This article first appeared in Rightlog.in under the title “A Keralite pastor made ludicrous sexist statements, strangely the mainstream media doesn’t care”. The link to the article is here (Click to read)

A short video-clip recently made the rounds of social media before it was noticed by a few media houses and then made some news – In an era where everything is news this particular news item barely registered a “blip” on the National Media’s electrograph.

This short video-clip is of a pastor in Kerala addressing his “flock” and making the most outrageous, abusive, and misogynistic rant against women in recent memory.

The argument could be made that the best way to deal with such rants is to ignore them. However, this argument would be valid and would have been par for the course if the same yardstick was applied by our leftist media to deal with such rants made by people/leaders belonging to the “Right” and/or Hindu-dharma.

The complete lack of outrage bar a few murmurs, the sanitized coverage, and the ganging-up of the left cabal to suppress this news item, make it imperative that their hypocrisy is called out loud and clear and the pastor is named and shamed for his misogyny.

For the record, here is a sampling of some gems uttered by Father Sharlom:

“…women who wear jeans/pants and banian (sic) should be tied-up, weighed down with a stone and flung into the sea…”
“…women who wear chudidar tops without a veil covering their upper body, with a slit on the sides, and tight leggings tempt boys and men into wrongdoing and all the good that is taught at church is lost…”
“I know a case where a girl had been made pregnant by her own brother and the brother told me he couldn’t control himself seeing his sister wearing shorts and T-shirt.”
“It is because they wear such dresses that they don’t get married, don’t get jobs…”

There are more such gems in the video available on YouTube


He even quotes the bible as an authority to support his views.

One only has to take a deep breath and consider for a moment the outrage and noise something like this would have created if these comments were made by a Hindu saint, sadhu, or political leader – debates on primetime news, actors talking about intolerance and wanting to run away from the country, lyricists distinguishing between literates and illiterates and political leaders across the board baying for blood and calling for arrests.

The present biased coverage and silence is not new and has been in practice for a long time but what makes the situation alarming is the ganging-up and collective passive-aggression being practiced by the leftists deeply entrenched and in positions of power within large media houses.

Over the years these have been the people who have for long, driven “their” version of the National agenda down the throats of unsuspecting people across the nation. Now, with the rise of social media, right-of-center publications, and the coming to power of the BJP these elements are feeling threatened and what we are witnessing is a backlash from these entrenched elements.

However their bias, selective-silence, artificial outrage, and hypocrisy is dangerous and threatens to tear the very social fabric of our country.


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