The poem/rhyme below was written on behalf of my daughter, Dakshayini who is at an age when everything in the world seems a miracle… The unadulterated joy she derives from the smallest tidbits of everyday life is a constant reminder of what actually matters most in this brief sojourn of ours… If it be true that the soul of a child is the shrine of the divine then to aspire to be “like a child” is surely the path to the divine…

and like I said at the start – only the words are mine, the emotions and unbridled joy are purely hers…

My beautiful garden

Come see my beautiful garden; like Eden!
With flowers so pretty, and grass so green,
Roses and Zinias, Jasmine and Dahlias,
and Shoe-flowers and Marigolds too…

Insects and worms there are aplenty!
Fat, juicy caterpillars – I count twenty!
Green grasshoppers and butterflies so dainty,
and spotted frogs – so naughty!

Munching on leaves, worms so shiny!
Leaping grasshoppers on legs so puny!
Father frog, leading his family – so tiny!
And, colourful butterflies sucking honey!

I love my little garden – my little patch of Eden!
and I am the little warden of my garden
who loves all the children who live
here in little Eden!

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