The poem/rhyme below was written on behalf of my daughter, Dakshayini who is at an age when everything in the world seems a miracle… The unadulterated joy she derives from the smallest tidbits of everyday life is a constant reminder of what actually matters most in this brief sojourn of ours… If it be true that the soul of a child is the shrine of the divine then to aspire to be “like a child” is surely the path to the divine…

and like I said at the start – only the words are mine, the emotions and unbridled joy are purely hers…

My beautiful garden

Come see my beautiful garden; like Eden!
With flowers so pretty, and grass so green,
Roses and Zinias, Jasmine and Dahlias,
and Shoe-flowers and Marigolds too…

Insects and worms there are aplenty!
Fat, juicy caterpillars – I count twenty!
Green grasshoppers and butterflies so dainty,
and spotted frogs – so naughty!

Munching on leaves, worms so shiny!
Leaping grasshoppers on legs so puny!
Father frog, leading his family – so tiny!
And, colourful butterflies sucking honey!

I love my little garden – my little patch of Eden!
and I am the little warden of my garden
who loves all the children who live
here in little Eden!

Religion, Spirituality


Those who call themselves religious and follow the strict tenets laid down by organized religion do so because of the promise of a good life – now and in the afterlife, destruction of their enemies, wealth, and all the other riches of mammon…

Spirituality on the other hand promises nothing for it is an end in itself… The path of the spirit is the path of the “LONE TO THE ALONE