He walked many a mile and
always wore a smile –
the frugal man who lived near the mile.

He wore the same shirt and trousers
day and night,
clean and white, and pressed just right.

He spent his money carefully,
ate watchfully, and worked dutifully.

He taught at the school,
played by the pool, and laughed like a fool.

Unhurried, unworried, he let the world and
its banalities slip through his fingers,
like thread from a spool.

Miser! They called him, but none there
was wiser…
Fool! They mocked him,
for they knew not, what rocked him…

For He lived forever in the “NOW” where every moment
is a “Wow”
Not for him the dead past; the unknown future…
nor the admixture that is common human nature.

When it was time for him to walk the last mile
he did so with a smile…
with open arms he went; leaving behind nothing but his scent…

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