Every soul makes this journey…
The lucky few fly on wings of fire, the not so lucky walk or run,
and the truly unlucky tread not this path
for, it is the flight of the lone to the alone…

The knowers take the straight path,
determined-strugglers, the winding one and the vagabonds
stumble unto it – battered, bruised, and burnt by hell-fire.

Some make it in a few births, most, after many
– having traversed through several bodies
but each one has to line up to make this journey
of the “lone to the alone.”

Difficult the path – through bush and bramble,
thorns and stones, mount and vale,
past revolving doors, fearsome goblins, and vaporous ghosts,

Cold phantoms, ravenous beasts, slithering snakes, and
the myriad forms that inhabit the dark corners of the mind
crawl out of every crevice the moment the journey begins.

The journey of the “lone to the alone” begins in the mind
and ends in the mind…
from yourself into your “self”; from himself into his “self”
Turbulence to tranquility; insanity to sanity…
coarse to the sublime…lone to the alone…


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