When the mind is a storm and the winds rage,
dive within – deep into your “self” – for,
it is in the “I” of the storm
that peace prevails.

Calm and quiet, with senses reversed,
the “seeker” sees the “seer”
– the Yama of the Satyakama…
– Arjuna’s Krishna…
– Janaka’s Ashtavakra…
– the atman of the jeevatman…
The one embedded in the other – like the seed in a fruit –
one discarded and the other, savored –
strange the ways of this world…

Most, live in ignorance, many in arrogance,
and of the few who tread this path – many die in the quest for the “I”
to be born again for another try…

The special few who find it in this very life;
can speak not – for the “I” is subtler than what the “eye” can perceive…
and …when the seeker melts into the seer…
Who then the “seeker”? Who the “seer”?

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