Poems, Spirituality


He is forever by my side mocking my dreams, laughing at my fears. He laughs when I cry and cries when I laugh. Every day he grows a little, while I shrink a little.

To him this world appears upside down, a mirage where the old cling to their dreams and the young live like there is no morrow, no reckoning, no decay…

In a world where dreams are real and reality a dream, he alone reminds me of what is truly real. Happiness or sorrow, pain or pleasure and the many pairs of opposites that embellish my life, he alone remains true to his self – unaffected, unalloyed, austere, and grim.

In the three states of my being, he is happiest when I am in deep sleep.
He knows that although it is he who comes with me now, it is I who will go to him in the end.

The eternal one, who, lives even as I live and will live even when I have moved on to a world I know not… Reaper of souls, breath of breaths, charioteer of my senses, the deathless, immutable, everlasting one…



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